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  1. Squad goals 🙃 Tag some pals you want to grab scoops with today🍦✨

    Sat Aug 17 2:00PM 2019
  2. When the weekend is so close you can taste it 🙃 // 📸 IG @ybriic

    Fri Aug 16 5:05PM 2019
  3. Blueberry Pie ice cream from our Summer Specials line up 💜 Decadent blueberry ice cream with homemade buttery pie c…

    Thu Aug 15 5:00PM 2019
  4. Summertime scoops at VL Prospect Heights 😌 Tag a friend you want to grab tuesday treat with✨ // 📸 IG…

    Wed Aug 14 4:05PM 2019
  5. Views into a fresh tub of Brown Sugar Snickerdoodle from our Summer Specials lineup! This flavor is made with musco…

    Tue Aug 13 3:00PM 2019