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Old Slip & Water

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  1. Wow. Days like today make me remember food trucking isn’t all freezing your face off. It’s enjoying the weather and… https://t.co/rG6DLsRLl2
    Wed Feb 21 4:24PM 2018
  2. It’s a food truck Tuesday kinda day. We’re open with 🚚Dolly at Old Slip and Water St. tell Dave O he needs to do so… https://t.co/IPkGQYXHsf
    Tue Feb 20 4:00PM 2018
  3. President’s Day we’ve got Dolly slinging the all-American goodness at Hudson and King St. We’ll see you for lunch! nyc foodtrucks usa
    Mon Feb 19 5:07PM 2018
  4. N. Y. C. Yo. It’s time for lunch and to start your weekend right so you can hit the bars like an all-American champ… https://t.co/7c1zQVZCEz
    Fri Feb 16 4:38PM 2018
  5. February is half over and it’s feeing like Spring. Come and enjoy the best chicken tenders you’ll ever have with 🚚D… https://t.co/vIbiXZUzq2
    Thu Feb 15 4:09PM 2018