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  1. It’s another lovely week in NYC...our tenders and friendly vibes gonna warm you up all over our city today: we got… https://t.co/ghLAfClUAN

    Mon Oct 22 3:29PM 2018
  2. @MattJakes7 @barstoolsports Yep. We post where we’re at everyday. Unless I forget to do so, which happens. I’ve bee… https://t.co/IBTDaSqDJN

    Mon Oct 22 1:09AM 2018
  3. I love my life. My goal is to make your day a little more better every time you interact with us. If you’re in Long… https://t.co/kx1P7HdPwK

    Sun Oct 21 4:10PM 2018
  4. @billfredwynne We’re there on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When you want premium chicken tenders and all American goodne… https://t.co/pJEwsplFCf

    Fri Oct 19 4:52PM 2018
  5. Chaos on the streets! Con Edison is working at our spot on 46th st so Molly is homeless for the day! Good news tho!… https://t.co/kj8xRGnwEh

    Fri Oct 19 4:11PM 2018