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  1. @NYCMayorsOffice Where are the food trucks from for this event?

    Tue Aug 20 9:21PM 2019
  2. Dolly is doing her thing downtown at Old Slip and Water St. Betsy is up in the Bronx at NYJTL Bronx Open. Have a gr… https://t.co/a4WIeiOl7d

    Tue Aug 20 3:53PM 2019
  3. @NessaLobos Negative sorry. We’ll be back in midtown in force shortly tho.

    Tue Aug 20 3:50PM 2019
  4. @BrianCalhoun @DW3p4c @mealpal Hudson and King St.

    Mon Aug 19 5:33PM 2019
  5. @DW3p4c @mealpal Sorry I just had my first child, did not let MealPal know we were not going to be at our normal spot.

    Mon Aug 19 4:31PM 2019