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King & Hudson

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  1. Sorry for the lack of tweets. Dave O and I are kicking it in Japan. We'll be back soon! Truck is still out tho. https://t.co/6ke44woMSY
    Sat Mar 18 9:21AM 2017
  2. @HistoryDean @nypost @TimeOutNewYork @Lochina186 love it! Thank you for the awesome compliment, we love our customers!!!
    Sun Mar 12 1:10AM 2017
  3. March?!?! Our tendies will warm your heart and soul and you'll start your weekend like the winnerwinner you are. Betsy - dumbo Dolly - 49th
    Fri Mar 10 3:48PM 2017
  4. @Michellena317 shhhhhhh don't tell anyone about our secret menu....
    Thu Mar 9 6:24PM 2017
  5. Betsy is at metrotech today in Brooklyn. Dolly is at Hudson and King st. See y'all for lunch.
    Thu Mar 9 4:38PM 2017