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  1. @m_millsey https://t.co/JDyhsp4Cz3

    Sat Feb 16 1:51PM 2019
  2. @Allie_Doc YES! That’s exactly what I wanted all of NYC to experience. The adult happy meal box.glad you liked it. See you soon!

    Sat Feb 16 12:07AM 2019
  3. It is an absolutely beautiful Friday. Sort of. For February. I’ll take it. Come and start your weekend like a NYC C… https://t.co/96tdpqkX22

    Fri Feb 15 4:31PM 2019
  4. Show her you care with tenders—get her the Love Me Tender Chicken Sandwich from Yankee Doodle Dandy’s. Our hand cra… https://t.co/JF5kP5hEa0

    Thu Feb 14 4:37PM 2019
  5. Lunch time squad. We got your power lunch. Two locations: 🚚Dolly at Hudson and King St. 🚚Molly at 46th and 6th. Enj… https://t.co/qqdw1Jnu6V

    Wed Feb 13 4:22PM 2019