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Old Slip & Water
46th between 5th & 6th

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  1. @JayFingers Much love. Hope it was good.
    Thu Dec 7 8:34PM 2017
  2. Sorry Old Slip. We have sold out of chicken. Much love to downtown.
    Thu Dec 7 7:37PM 2017
  3. Go time y’all. 🚚Dolly is at old slip and water st. 🚚Molly is at 46th in between 5th/6th Ave usa nyc
    Thu Dec 7 4:29PM 2017
  4. You like good food? We got it. 🚚Betsy is in DUMBO at Water and jay st. 🚚Dolly is at 49th and 6th/7th Ave. 🚚Molly is… https://t.co/2pwQutgVtl
    Wed Dec 6 4:05PM 2017
  5. 🚚Dolly is at Hudson and King st 🚚Molly is at LIC at 30-30 47th ave. 🚚Betsy is off the street trying to become… https://t.co/8YJsxcyZut
    Tue Dec 5 4:15PM 2017