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  1. It’s a go still. You can get tenders to start your holiday weekend! Come and treat yourself at 🚚Dolly at 49th in b/… https://t.co/gfXB5Sw7o4

    Fri Apr 19 4:08PM 2019
  2. Gray skies? Overcast? Need a pick me up? We got you. 🚚Dolly at Old Slip and Water st 🚚Molly at 46th and 6th Avenue.… https://t.co/WEQNdrY5Xz

    Thu Apr 18 3:42PM 2019
  3. @PhilKeoghan @AmazingRaceCBS This concept is kinda interesting, but I’ve never watched survivor and I am still conv… https://t.co/HxqEUTZzxw

    Thu Apr 18 1:10PM 2019
  4. This right here is the All-American Club. It’s the club you want to be in, and it’s the club you want in you. Come… https://t.co/qbOvVh6xxN

    Wed Apr 17 2:52PM 2019
  5. @MelissaAFrancis Glad you liked it. And thanks for letting us know and spreading the good word about our food. You’… https://t.co/t544H0W83J

    Tue Apr 16 8:33PM 2019