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49th & 6th
46th & 6th

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  1. Dolly is at 49th and 6th. Molly is at 46th and 6th. Start your weekend right and get that power lunch. yum 76sauce usa tenders
    Fri Aug 18 3:57PM 2017
  2. Dolly is at Hudson and King St. Molly is at Old Slip and water st. Come and get the goodness!
    Thu Aug 17 4:20PM 2017
  3. Betsy is in dumbo at water and jay st. Molly is at 46th and 6th and Dolly is at 49th and 6th. See y'all for lunch.
    Wed Aug 16 3:53PM 2017
  4. NYC---you've. Got. Options. 🚚Betsy- 30-30 47th Ave in LIC. 🚚Dolly - Hudson and King st. 🚚Molly - old slip
    Tue Aug 15 3:32PM 2017
  5. Time to start the weekend right y'all. 🚚Dolly @ 49th in b/w 6th and Bway. 🚚Molly @ 46th in b/w 5th and 6th. gimmefriedchicken usa
    Fri Aug 11 3:12PM 2017