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49th & 6th

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  1. Betsy is kickin it in DUMBO today. Dolly is at 49th and 6th Ave. start your weekend right! nycfood usa chickentenders
    Fri Apr 28 3:46PM 2017
  2. Shout out to FDNY for giving small business owners frivolous tickets and making our difficult existence, more difficult. Hudson and King st.
    Thu Apr 27 1:52PM 2017
  3. Betsy is at the DUMBO food truck lot today. Dolly is at 49th and 6th st. Come and get the tenders. americanfood
    Wed Apr 26 3:22PM 2017
  4. Lunch time! Betsy is in LIC queens. Dolly is at Hudson and King St. brave the rain!
    Tue Apr 25 3:31PM 2017
  5. @Cocaiina__ shibby! Thanks so much! Hope you never disappear either because you're like the best too.
    Mon Apr 24 10:37PM 2017