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49th between 6th & 7th

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  1. Late post because we got attacked when we opened like it was a zombie apocalypse and instead of brains they wanted… https://t.co/0Odc3aqA5C
    Tue Aug 14 4:53PM 2018
  2. Late tweet! Sorry! Was in the laboratory concocting new flavors and discovered, our tenders are definitely the best… https://t.co/XTnmFqLCny
    Mon Aug 13 4:28PM 2018
  3. This is our supply vehicle. When we run out of food, this guy comes barreling down 5th ave to bring us more tenders… https://t.co/nswmYppc2Y
    Sat Aug 11 4:34PM 2018
  4. @nickawinter @barstoolsports Eating a slice right now and scoffing at you condescendingly.
    Sat Aug 11 4:29PM 2018
  5. @barstoolsports Good to see Prez is diversifying and doing different types of food reviews. He gave my chicken tend… https://t.co/7ssazovdJI
    Sat Aug 11 4:28PM 2018