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  1. Time to start the week like a champion with the best tenders you’ll ever eat. Come and get them at 🚚Dolly at Hudson… https://t.co/Dz1x91bWnO

    Mon Dec 17 4:18PM 2018
  2. It is time to celebrate the weekend. We’re giving you the fuel to party hardy 🚚Dolly at 49th in b/w 6th and 7th ave… https://t.co/AMFBqw5zlu

    Fri Dec 14 4:51PM 2018
  3. Had a big order to start the shift because NYC can’t get enough of our delicious chicken tenders. Find out what the… https://t.co/t9MgfQOIkS

    Thu Dec 13 4:27PM 2018
  4. Our freshly prepared chicken tenders will have you running to the truck like the Ultimate Warrior. Come and get the… https://t.co/11kqdFR8pu

    Wed Dec 12 4:26PM 2018
  5. It’s time for all-American goodness, YdoubleD’s has got NYC covered. We’re in midtown. We’re in downtown. 🚚BETSY at… https://t.co/dgg4Btmdz4

    Tue Dec 11 4:11PM 2018