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45th & 1st

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  1. It's a lebaneselunch kind of day! Join us on 45th & 1st Ave at the @USUN @UberEATS @NYFTA1 @LebanonUN https://t.co/s839LjVlzS
    Tue Jun 27 1:49PM 2017
  2. Let's get this Monday started! Join us in @DumboNYC on Jay & Water St until 3pm! @UberEATS @NYFTA1 @Cater2mehttps://t.co/PKMfVbeM5J
    Mon Jun 26 2:09PM 2017
  3. We're up and running at the @FamousFoodFest! Join us on 77th and Columbus until 6:30pm today! https://t.co/6hESBXmyLL
    Sun Jun 25 3:07PM 2017
  4. Mmm tahini sauce 😋 Join us on 46th btwn 5th & 6th & drizzle some tahini on everything!!! @NYFTA1 @UberEATS @gofoodahttps://t.co/QqP9iHaqzD
    Fri Jun 23 2:40PM 2017
  5. What's for lunch @DumboNYC? Join us on Jay & Water St for a healthy vegan lebaneselunch: Moujadara @UberEATShttps://t.co/EnH0aqFLzK
    Thu Jun 22 1:54PM 2017