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47th & Park

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  1. Ciao, picciotti! We're spending this foodtruckfriday on 47th between Park and Lex, 11-3. See you soon at the picciottotruck!
    Fri Oct 13 11:02AM 2017
  2. Ciao, picciotti! The week is almost over, will we see you for lunch? Today we're on 52nd and Park from 11-3. Come get your sicilian fix!
    Thu Oct 12 11:23AM 2017
  3. Ciao, picciotti! Come join us for lunch on 46th and 6th, we'll be here from 11-3!
    Wed Oct 11 2:49PM 2017
  4. Ciao, picciotti! We're on Old Slip between Front and Water, 11-3, with your sicilian faves for lunch. Come out and say hello, nyc!
    Tue Oct 10 1:33PM 2017
  5. Ciao, picciotti! We're off the road today for Columbus Day but back tomorrow. See you then!
    Mon Oct 9 12:43PM 2017