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  1. You're welcome office. truffleoil smellssogood happyfriday neapolitanexpress turningheads boxofhappiness plans forthewin mozzarelladibufala mushrooms vegetarian lunchtime lunch pizza nyc…

    Fri Jan 17, 2020 05:58 PM
  2. When your lunch date cancels💔 but it's okay because🍕Pizza 🤤❤️ goodcompany pizza friends pizzawontbreakyourheart neapolitanexpress whitepizza lunchtime lunch thursday motivation almostfriday newyorkcity…

    Thu Jan 16, 2020 06:00 PM
  3. ✨Woke up like this ✨👑🔥 Anyone else feelin' themselves like this pizza is today? potd 📸 workit werkit juicy neapolitanexpress pizza gorgeous balsamicglaze bufala tomatoes fresh getinmybelly motivation…

    Wed Jan 15, 2020 04:57 PM
  4. When you like it hot 🌶️ but still play it safe. 🤏 feeltheheat spicy babyspice jalapeno holdthejalapeños two please safetyfirst nojudgement gotmilk lunch neapolitanexpress nyc newyorkeats manhattan…

    Tue Jan 14, 2020 06:39 PM
  5. 🙋‍♂️: Waiter, will my pizza be long? 👨‍🍳: No sir, it will be round! 😅 Sorry, was that too.. cheesy!?! 😂 It's lunch time everyone! Good pizza doesn't take long- 90seconds is the authentic Neapolitan way!!!…

    Mon Jan 13, 2020 05:07 PM