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52nd & 6th

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  1. Good morning !!! We start the week parked between 52nd St & 6th Ave serving until 3 pm, come… https://t.co/NJ7A1hOLiO
    Mon Oct 30 4:42PM 2017
  2. Good morning today we finish the week at our regular spot between 46th St & 6th Ave serving… https://t.co/pbEHEElMR6
    Fri Oct 20 3:51PM 2017
  3. Good Morning today we are serving in midtown between 52nd St & 6th Ave until 3 pm come visit… https://t.co/cR6KKLtGy8
    Wed Oct 18 3:54PM 2017
  4. Good morning today we are serving at the Financial District parked between Water St & Old Slip… https://t.co/fZhP5isNwf
    Tue Oct 17 3:41PM 2017
  5. Happy beginning of the week followers!!! Today we parked at 52nd St & 6th Ave in midtown serving… https://t.co/0ECKukng63
    Mon Oct 16 2:59PM 2017