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  1. Base: Injera Protein: Chicken tibs Veggies: Spicy Red lentils and Collard Greens Sauce: Makina… https://t.co/VTDW6JMz2n
    Tue Mar 20 2:27PM 2018
  2. No cold should stop you from getting your injera. We have a very exciting week ahead and can’t… https://t.co/5oQTC0kw7s
    Mon Mar 19 1:07PM 2018
  3. When the light hits💥 some string beans action to get your weekend started. ✨ Location: 52nd and… https://t.co/MfDqvYl1PR
    Fri Mar 16 1:12PM 2018
  4. Sorry for a late post but we are open at our regular location 👇🏽 See you for lunch ✨ Location:… https://t.co/C3BcYhR5cu
    Thu Mar 15 3:17PM 2018
  5. As we celebrate our 7 months, wanted to highlight the company that made this vision a reality.… https://t.co/N7Fp2s0215
    Wed Mar 14 12:57PM 2018