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  1. @aroraaki @TravisMannon We also have a veggie bowl option for those sad occasions when our tofu is unavailable 👍🏽
    Tue Jun 27 6:19PM 2017
  2. @aroraaki @TravisMannon Unfortunately, our tofu delivery was late & we didn't have any available on the truck 06/19 😭
    Tue Jun 27 6:18PM 2017
  3. @TravisMannon @aroraaki We love you! ❤️Unfortunately 1P-2P is the final hour of our service & is when we begin selling out.
    Tue Jun 27 6:08PM 2017
  4. @aroraaki @TravisMannon 11:45 on 06/19?! Impossible when we open around that time. Sorry for any misunderstanding 🐯
    Tue Jun 27 6:06PM 2017
  5. @TravisMannon 🙇🏻 We generally start selling out by 1-2P at the end of our service. Stop by 3rd Ave & St Mark's for your tofu fix 11A-10P 🐯
    Tue Jun 27 3:31PM 2017