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  1. little windy today but not that bad weather guys~ we r on dumbo lot now... see u at lunch time… https://t.co/NXbxJirIv5
    Fri Apr 20 2:08PM 2018
  2. @ChrisDemartinAU we r here today
    Thu Apr 19 2:11PM 2018
  3. it’s gonna be a raining on lunch time but we r still here on hudson & king st. now... see u at… https://t.co/2r3Qq77yPs
    Thu Apr 19 2:11PM 2018
  4. little better weather but sill cold day guys come and get some korean spicy~ we r on 49th 6ave.… https://t.co/wqeNukykrv
    Wed Apr 18 2:20PM 2018
  5. @ChrisDemartinAU did you enjoy the food?
    Tue Apr 17 6:14PM 2018