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52nd & 6th

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  1. It’s dinnertime @thecliffslic! Come find us on 44drive, between 21st & 11th st! Window’s up!… https://t.co/UkPb6Fl2Ll
    Thu Dec 7 10:36PM 2017
  2. Looking for a delicious fix for dinner? Come find us - we are parked on Broadway, between 115th… https://t.co/zUze6CHGHu
    Wed Dec 6 10:31PM 2017
  3. tacotuesday prep! Come get ready with us at 52nd St & 6th Ave. Window opens 11AM!… https://t.co/LVHgbe0TRD
    Tue Dec 5 3:41PM 2017
  4. When Monday gives you various 🍊 🍋, go get a taco @ 51st & Park Ave! Window opens 11AM!… https://t.co/eSPvxEPANg
    Mon Dec 4 3:54PM 2017
  5. weekendessentials r u ready for the weekend? Come get a head start at 47th st, between Lex &… https://t.co/r1vfELQtFi
    Fri Dec 1 3:57PM 2017