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48th between 6th & 7th
52nd & Park

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  1. 2 new members of the society today, they wanna talk to you about that thing.. ! Both truck locations: 🥖 Porchetta… https://t.co/WzSNHhUTRt
    Tue May 22 3:02PM 2018
  2. Tuesday lunch! 🌭Disos sausage cart! 49th st near 6th ave
    Tue May 22 2:21PM 2018
  3. Tuesday lunch! 🌯Disos 1: 48th bet 6/7 Ave . Call orders: 917-756-4145 🌯Disos 2: 52nd and Park Ave, call orders: 347-409-3116
    Tue May 22 1:52PM 2018
  4. We got your catering office or events covered. Thanks @VictoriasSecret and crew for catering with us today! Always… https://t.co/7UcbYBsRXm
    Tue May 22 12:17AM 2018
  5. 2 new members of the society today, new menu specials! Both truck locations: 🥖 Porchetta loaded with all the goods… https://t.co/xozwU1KEsC
    Mon May 21 2:09PM 2018