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Old Slip between Water & Front

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  1. Good morning happy Friday we here to start the week end with you we are here @ Fidi old slip bet water and front to… https://t.co/SnYLv2P48c
    Fri Apr 20 1:41PM 2018
  2. Good morning midtown west today we here @ w 52 st bet 6&7 ave for lunch to 3 pm we see you all have a good day 🇺🇸🗽🌭… https://t.co/nbXU4p0mkT
    Thu Apr 19 1:17PM 2018
  3. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸good morning NYC we back to w 46 st bet 5&6 ave today we here for lunch to 3 pm we see you all have a good da… https://t.co/Wi2H9ohB7O
    Wed Apr 18 1:38PM 2018
  4. Hello midtown west we are back we here today @ Bryant Park w 41 st bet 6 ave & Broadway we here to 3 pm we see you… https://t.co/0UmeLAi9Z9
    Tue Apr 17 12:01PM 2018
  5. Good morning rainy day but we still go out today we back to Lic @the factory by the break room for lunch to 3 pm we… https://t.co/oBrOg3LhaE
    Mon Apr 16 12:13PM 2018