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  1. Hello midtown west we here today at 6 ave bet 52&53 st we here to 3 pm and it’s beautiful day we looking to see you…

    Wed Feb 13 1:13PM 2019
  2. Good morning midtown west we off today for privet catering we see you tomorrow h❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Tue Feb 12 2:09PM 2019
  3. Good morning Lic Happy Monday we here today @ the factory by the break room for lunch to 3 see you all have a good day

    Mon Feb 11 3:49PM 2019
  4. Hello NYC Happy Friday start your weekend strong eat real food pastrami and corned beef we here at 6ave bet 52&53…

    Fri Feb 8 2:19PM 2019
  5. Hello Fidi we here today we are at old slip bet water and front corner water st we here to 3 pm we looking to see y…

    Thu Feb 7 1:37PM 2019