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47th & Park

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  1. @ByteForByte Ofcourse as soon as the container is done building
    Thu Jun 22 6:23PM 2017
  2. We will definitely inform you guys when we are up and running with the location. We apologize once again
    Thu Jun 22 4:29PM 2017
  3. We are sorry for the inconvenience but, due to maintenance problems with the truck we will be closed today.
    Thu Jun 22 4:29PM 2017
  4. Coney shack will be open at the Coney Art walls on 3050 stillwell avenue from Tues- Sunday 12- 8pm https://t.co/FHSp0vFN8D
    Thu Jun 22 2:37PM 2017
  5. Where all my coney islanders at?! We will be doing the mermaid parade today at @Coneyisland opening 10:30-6 🌮🌮 ConeyShack
    Sat Jun 17 1:38PM 2017