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  1. We are closed today, see you on Monday! Happy holidays @momsFB @randomfoodtruck">@randomfoodtruck @Bestfoodtruckny @randomfoodtruck">@randomfoodtruck

    Fri Apr 19 4:33PM 2019
  2. We are at 47st and park av @randomfoodtruck @Sexyfoodtrucks @Bestfoodtruckny

    Thu Apr 18 4:27PM 2019
  3. We are at 46st and 6av @randomfoodtruck">@randomfoodtruck @momsFB @randomfoodtruck">@randomfoodtruck @Sexyfoodtrucks @Bestfoodtruckny

    Wed Apr 17 3:26PM 2019
  4. We are at 41st St. and 6av @momsFB @Sexyfoodtrucks

    Tue Apr 16 3:50PM 2019
  5. Today we are at 46st and 6av @randomfoodtruck">@randomfoodtruck @momsFB @randomfoodtruck">@randomfoodtruck @Bestfoodtruckny

    Mon Apr 15 3:15PM 2019